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To buy a mattress online is not much of a challenge today. You will find a cheap mattress online that also satisfies all your sleep requirements perfectly. Digging deeper into the mattresses goldmine, you will come across the best mattress available online in terms of mattress price.

But then again, you will find another mattress which is identical in what it offers. How do you make your decision then? The ease of online shopping also is its own drawback, in the sense that there are so many choices that you just cannot make up your mind. What do you do in situations like that? That is where we come in.

In this mattress buying guide, we will help you find your way to the best online mattress available that is comfortable, offers good body support and is easy on the pocket. 

Best value online mattress 

Here are some of the brands that offer the best mattress online: 

  1. Wakefit 
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit is leading the online mattress market in India. With its two best selling mattress products, you are in safe hands. The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is a saviour for people wanting ortho features in their mattresses.

This mattress will distribute your bodyweight uniformly throughout so that no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders and hips. It will conform to your body shape and provide natural alignment to your spine. Expect your back pain to be alleviated after sleeping on this mattress for a couple of months. If you are not satisfied with it, you can return it. The mattress comes with a free trial of 100 nights. 

  1.  Sleepycat 

 A mattress-in-a-box company based out of India, Sleepycat tries to make the sleeping experience free of hassles. They offer a 30 nights risk-free trial to the sleepers. The SleepyCat Latex comes with two inches of a seven-zone latex for proper body support. It ensures your body does not sink into the mattress thus providing a good night’s sleep. 

  1. SleepyHead

The three-layered orthopedic mattresses from SleepyHead is the next mattress on our list. It has a 100 nights free-trial. It consists of a comfort foam that gives the sleeper an experience of sleeping in a cocoon. The memory foam layer prevents pressure points.

The high-density foam gives proper support and firmness to the spine. Finally, the breathable fabric on top ensures the mattress breathes even in the hottest of places. Though a great product, older sleepers have complained about the mattress being too hard for them. So before considering this product you need to think about the firmness that you want. 

Mattress Guidelines

That is all in today’s guide. The mattress brands mentioned here offer some of the best sleep products in the mattress world. The warranty offered by the manufacturers and the free trial period tells the customer a lot about how much confidence the brand has on its products. It is a good parameter to gauge the product’s quality. 

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