Which are the best mattress materials that help you sleep well

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Are you feeling already exhausted in the morning because of the sleepless night you had on the previous day? Though there are a number of reasons responsible for your poor sleep, your mattress quality can also be the reason which you might have been missing all this long.

Yes, if you spend most of your night turning and tossing down on your scratchy, hard bed then, it is time to reconsider the efficiency of your mattress. This is because sleeping on a poor-quality mattress can bring the worst kinds of health problems including sleeping disorders, reduced blood flow, sore joints and restlessness.

Now, buying the right mattress is not an easy task and needs extensive research on the different types of items available based on your budget and requirements. Following here we have jotted down a list of some of the most traditional and unconventional materials widely used for manufacturing mattresses.


innerspring mattress

The moment you hear the name, don’t you think of the childhood days you spent while jumping on the noisy bed? Well, that is somehow the concept that plays a major role behind innerspring mattresses. So, before you get into the comparison of cotton vs foam vs spring mattress, you should know about this widely popular form of the mattress too. As a conventional option, these mattresses are built using one strong and sturdy steel coil support system.

It uses interconnected springs that work as a single unit and with an increase in the number of coils, the quality of your sleep gets better. Though an array of modern options has come into the market by now, it still remains popular because of its great affordability. Yes, when you look through the average mattress price in India, you can figure out that they are relatively budget-friendly and come with a range of firmness choices.

Natural fiber

Another conventional option you will come through is natural fiber which serves as one of the most eco-friendly options as well. As recommended, these products are often manufactured without using any type of chemicals, which promotes reduction of carbon footprint. Thus, if you want to look for a product with good mattress quality and does not put much strain on the environment, then natural fiber is the material you should opt for.

Memory foam

As one of the most ‘talked-about’ options of the recent times, mattresses manufactured by using this revolutionary foam technology can help you get the best sleep with utmost comfort. They have the ability to contour your body and restores slowly at the time of release of the pressure.

What makes it even more special is that this technology was developed by NASA during the early 1960s. At that time, the scientists were utilizing a material named as viscoelastic, which was energy-absorbent and soft and was used for manufacturing airplane seats to offer extra protection to pilots.

While having great potential to help in alleviating back pain, it might serve your purpose well if you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress online. Apart from this, it also offers higher levels of pressure point relief, low motion transfer and protection against various allergens including dust mites.

While delivering a great deal of durability, it is pretty adaptive and can fit into different types of adjustable beds as well.


latex mattress

While gaining immense popularity lately, latex mattresses boast a handful of incredible cooling properties and deliver utmost comfort. Being usually made of natural rubber, these mattresses offer a bouncy and firm support which is relatively uniform throughout the whole bed and deliver great responsiveness.

This makes it an ideal choice for the sleepers who prefer foam but do not want the attribute of contouring usually found in memory foam mattresses otherwise.

You must know that latex products are generally manufactured by deploying two different processes that help in obtaining different quantities.

So, before you decide to buy a latex mattress, you must have an understanding of each of its qualities to pick the one that serves your needs right. And most importantly, if you are looking for something different from the usual cotton vs foam vs spring mattress available, then you can definitely invest in a premium quality latex mattress.


As its name suggests, the hybrid innerspring latex mattress acts as a beautiful and highly efficient amalgamation of latex and innerspring, thereby promoting the goodness of both these popular options.

It boasts a list of high-end attributes including microbe resistance because of latex and additional support because of springs. While comparing the most popular options based on the average mattress price in India, these mattresses are also comparatively durable than its equally-priced alternatives.

Each material features its own unique potential for meeting your needs. While memory foam mattresses can serve as the best orthopaedic mattress you have ever bought, latex can act as the ultimate choice for people prone to allergies. So, sort your requirements well, estimate your budget properly and evaluate the products meticulously before you bring the right thing into your home.

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