5 Best Mattress Brands That Make The Best Foam Mattress

Best Mattress Brands

Shopping for a mattress requires a lot of time and patience. You need to be absolutely sure about your preferences and only then you can choose the best foam mattress. The essential need to buy a good mattress was always there. A good quality Best Mattress Brands ensures that you can sleep well at night. Your body needs to rest properly so that you can head to work the next day. That is why we always recommend our readers to shop for a premium mattress.

Compromising on your sleep is not going to help you in any way. Over the years, a lot of brands have come up with the best products. All these products are made with the help of amazing materials and designed to last. There are many top mattress brands online who can offer the best value for money products. In case you are still confused about which brand to choose, we are here to help you out.

In India, there are many reliable and popular mattress brands who are known for their high quality and amazing products. In this blog, we are going to talk about them. Take a look at the brands offering mattress at the best prices.

Best Mattress Brands in India For 2020

When you are going to invest in a new mattress, it is essential that you buy from the top brands. Why? It is because they can guarantee you the comfort and coziness that no one else can. Branded products come with better satisfaction and high quality service. So, take a look at the top 5 brands in India here –

Kurl-on – a very reliable and well-known name in the Indian mattress industry, Kurl-on is one of the best in the business. For more than 20 years, they have been offering the best mattress for backpain and a lot more to their customers. Their mattresses are integrated with the latest technology and innovations. Their friendly and amazing customer support makes them a favorite among Indian customers. Kurl-on mattresses that are really popular are usually made of – Foam, Spring, Rubberized coir, and Therapeutic.

Sleepwell – as you can see in their name, Sleepwell really holds the capability to make mattresses that allow you to “sleep well”. The brand is certified under the ISO 9001 and they focus on delivering high quality products. The best part about Sleepwell mattresses is their materials. They make use of premium and top-notch materials which are best in the market. You can avail their mattress at best price from their website and also from offline showrooms. The brand also has a variety of other types of accessories like mattress comforters and so on.

Wakefit – in spite of being new in the Indian market, Wakefit has quickly become a reliable household brand. Their specialty is in making the best memory foam mattresses. If you are shopping from Wakefit, you are going to also enjoy a 10 years of warranty on their products.

Yes! That’s a great advantage that not many brands can offer to their customers. Other than that, wakefit also offers a wide range of pillows, mattress protectors and other products. You can head to their website and also check the orthopaedic mattress benefits you can get.

orthopaedic mattress benefits

Tempur-Pedic – renowned for creating world class mattresses for many years, Tempur-Pedic is now a great brand in India. They are famous for making mattresses that are made of the best natural fibers. These materials are 100% organic and eco-friendly.

That means you don’t get the cons of using a synthetic or latex mattress. Usually, when you companies use synthetic materials, they lead to off-gassing. It is something which not many people can get used to. Using a natural fibre mattress is the best way to enjoy a better experience. Their 4 most well-known ranges are – cloud, contour, weightless & simplicity collection.

Duroflex – last but not the least, Duroflex is our final brand in this list. Being one of the top mattress brand online, you can expect a great deal whenever you shop from them. We love their diverse range of mattresses that include plant based fibers, memory foam and latex. They also have innerspring and coir mattresses. Duroflex mattresses come with a long lasting warranty and a whopping 100 days of trial period. Yes! How cool is that? So, you can use the mattress at your home and return it back if you don’t feel fully satisfied with the quality.

best mattress for back pain

Final Words – if you read the blog till here, then you are now aware of the best mattress brands in the country. All these brands are well known for their consistent performance and high-quality products over the years. From the best mattress for back pain to mattress for a child, they have a solution for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head to their website and check out their products right away!

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